Fishman can put you on fish for sure. -Easy E

Need to thank Fishman for the advice. He knows his stuff. -Greg

If you want trout - then you MUST give FISHMAN a call - simple as that. -Ken Blesker

I to had a very positive experience with FISHMAN. I would recommend his services to anyone. For fishing in South Texas, he is a great untapped resource........... and I too look forward to washing my hooks with him again. -Tim swindler

I want to express my appreciation to Fil for not only putting me on some fish but for all of the tips, advice, and patience, extended to me. I certainly look forward to doing it again. Mr. Fil definately reminds me of one of my favorite hunting dogs way back when. He's always ready to go and I'm usually the person who says Hey man, I've got to get home. He's put me on a bunch of fish, taught me the best tactics to use to catch the fish.- Kyle

EVERYTIME that I've been on the water with Fil has been an unbelievable experience. Heck, the other night he even showed me how to catch the elusive "floating wallet in a baggy" fish . If you want to fish anywhere in the Corpus area, give the guy a call. -SkinnyFeet

Fil is a class act all the way and he can catch fish. He is a excellent teacher and made sure we were having fun. Fil not only loves fishing and kayaking...he respects the environment as evidenced by him cleaning our access point. He bagged and removed four huge bags of trash full of glass beer bottles, cans, fishing line and other unsightly debris. If anyone out there is looking for a great kayak/fishing teacher....give him a call. He is a true class act!
Thanks Fil for a great day! -galvbay

Fishing in cold or warm water conditions?
When fishing in cold water always remember the fish are much more lethargic and looking for an easy meal and don't want to use a lot of energy. Slow your bait presentation down and use a much lighter head on your soft plastics.
When fishing warmer waters fish are much more aggressive you're able to use lots of noisy top waters and soft plastics that you can throw, reel and move at a much faster rate because the fish are so aggressive and have lots of energy to burn.